What is this site?

This site contains tools to calculate panchang and muhurta. The position of the planets are calculated with the lahiri ayanamsa and the months are calculated from amavasya.

What is a panchang?

A panchang is an Indian calendar which has traditional units of timekeeping based on the position of both the sun and moon. Western calendars are only based on the position of the sun. From the position of the sun and moon, five different attributes of time are calculated and displayed on the calendar.

What are the five attributes of time?

The five attributes of time are:

  • tithi - the moon phase (half-waxing, quarter-waning)
  • vaar - the day (Monday, Tuesday, etc.)
  • nakshatra - the position of the moon in the zodiac. The zodiac has 12 signs which then are formed of 27 constellations. The nakshatra indicates the current constellation.
  • yoga - the angular relationship between the sun and moon
  • karana - represents half of a tithi.