What is this site?

This site is meant to help spread the vedanga of jyotish (vedic knowledge). With that goal in mind, the web software:

None of this would be possible without the support of the parampara. Special thanks to Pt. Sanjay Rath, Visti Larsen, and Freedom Cole and many others.

How do I change the chart style?

Next to each chart simply click on the Change chart style icon in the upper right corner to cycle between north, south, and east styles.

How do I share my chart with someone?

What browsers are supported?

Firefox 75+, IE Edge, Chrome for Android 80+, and IOS Safari (13.0+) seem to work reasonably well.

Safari for desktop does not support some modern components. Please use Firefox or Chrome.

How accurate is the panchang?

The monthly panchang has to calculate hundreds of values and is using approximate values accurate to a within a minute. If you need the exact timings, you must click through to the full chart.

What is a panchang?

A panchang is an Indian calendar which has traditional units of timekeeping based on the position of both the sun and moon. Western calendars are only based on the position of the sun. From the position of the sun and moon, five different attributes of time are calculated and displayed on the calendar.

What are the five attributes of time?

The five attributes of time are:

How stable is the software? What do I do if I find a bug?

This software has been built slowly over 4 years as the author has a full-time job. Newer features such as the chart calculation and rendering have recently been added. If something doesn’t work properly, please send an email.

Known bugs

What is a muhurta search?

If you are looking for a particular time, the muhurta search can help you locate the exact positions you are looking for instead of having to search for them manually.

How are positions calculated?

The position of the graha are calculated with the lahiri ayanamsa and from the apparent positions from the center of the earth. The apparent position accounts for the time that light takes to travel from the planetary body to earth. Note that this may change to the true position. The ayanamsa will be changing to lahiri-chitrapaksa eventually as the standard.

What is combustion?

Combustion is an astronomical phenomenon that occurs when a graha is no longer visible in the night sky when it is too close to the sun. This information is given in chapter 9 of Surya Siddhanta and can differ based on the forward or retrograde motion.

How do you calculate the hora lord?

The hora lord is based on the number of hours passed from sunrise starting from the vara lord and proceeding with the graha in order of descending velocity. The hours are fixed at 60 minutes and do not depend on sunset.

What is the kala hora (LST)?

Hora can also be without reference to sunrise and sunset. This hora calculation takes sunrise to be fixed at 6 am

How do you calculate the kala lord?

The kala chakra order is su, ma, jp, me, ve, sa, mo, ra There are 8 in the day and 8 in the night. The time period for the day kalas are (sunrise - sunset) / 8 and the time period for the night kalas are (sunset - next_sunrise) / 8 The kalas of the day start from the vara lord. The kalas of the night start from the 5th from the vara lord. Both day and night proceed clockwise around the kala chakra.

Why is the date range only from 1700-2100?

Both the Julian and Gregorian calendar have been in use before this time. As different countries adopted the Gregorian calendar at different times, it’s difficult to determine the correct calendar to use earlier than 1700.

Will you show ads or sell my information?

No. Eventually, there will be a premium version to support the free version.

How are the holidays calculated?

Currently, the holidays are a work in progress as they are all calculated from the sunrise tithi. Some holidays, such as shivaratri, need to be calculated from the night. Consult with your local pundit for any discrepancies.

How many cities are supported?

Around 100,000.