63908 charts

Name Rating Birth time Location
A,_Dominique AA 1968-10-06 Provins, Ile-de-France, France
A-Trak C 1982-03-30 District electoral du Plateau-Mont-Royal, Quebec, Canada
A._D._G. AA 1947-12-19 Tours, Centre, France
A._J._Croce B 1971-09-28 The Mermont, Pennsylvania, United States
AJA C 1994-01-04 Chinatown, New York, United States
ATL,_Scotty A 1985-01-15 Slabtown (historical), Georgia, United States
Aabel,_Andreas AA 1911-02-21 Basarhallene, Oslo, Norway
Aabel,_Per AA 1902-04-25 Basarhallene, Oslo, Norway
Aadland,_Beverly A 1942-09-16 Bunker Hill, California, United States
Aadland,_Florence A 1914-09-20 Oxford Manor Condominium, Utah, United States
Aafjes,_Bertus C 1914-05-12 Centrum, North Holland, Netherlands
Aage,_Count_of_Rosenborg A 1887-06-10 Islands Brygge, Capital Region, Denmark
Aalberg,_André AA 1913-06-05 Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines, Grand Est, France
Aalderen,_Herman_Jan_van AA 1886-10-04 Dieze, Overijssel, Netherlands
Aalders,_Willem_Jan AA 1870-09-19 Centrum, North Holland, Netherlands
Aaliyah DD 1979-01-16 Farragut, New York, United States
Aames,_Willie AA 1960-07-15 Newport Beach, California, United States
Aantjes,_Willem C 1923-01-16 Hofwegen, South Holland, Netherlands
Aaron,_Dave A 1942-10-13 City of Mount Clemens, Michigan, United States