Why another panchang?

We wanted to use a modern, fast, and ad-free panchang for everyday-use.

Some features:

What is a muhurta search?

If you are looking for a particular time, the muhurta search can help you locate the exact positions you are looking for instead of having to search for them manually.

How are events calculated?

The position of the planets are calculated with the lahiri ayanamsa and the months are calculated from amavasya. The planet positions are the apparent positions from the center of the earth. The apparent position accounts for the time that light takes to travel from the planetary body to earth. Note that this may change to the true position.

How are the holidays calculated?

Currently, the holidays are a work in progress as they are all calculated from the sunrise tithi. Some holidays, such as shivaratri, need to be calculated from the night. Consult with your local pundit for any discrepancies.

How many cities are supported?

Around 100,000.